Your Perfectly Tailored On-Demand Marketplace
  • Optimized for business
  • Robust and flexible
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Multi-language

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Optimized for business
  • Presentation website implemented as single page application, following responsive web design.
  • SEO and analytics integrations and built-in features.
  • Social media integrations.
Robust and flexible
  • White label application that can be customized and branded based on client needs.
  • Its modular design and architecture makes it flexible to adaptations that range from small changes (e.g. a different UI theme) to more significant ones (such as new functionality on top of the existing one).
  • Can be developed as single application or multiple applications with single sign-on.
  • Can be deployed in cloud or client’s own infrastructure.
  • Designed for scalability, it is a perfect solution equally for small and large marketplaces.
  • Workload distribution through load balancer.
  • Both local and cloud storage options.
  • Spring security for user authentication, token with preset expiry time.
  • User authentication using social accounts (Facebook and Google+).
  • User roles with different access levels (requester, provider, moderator).
  • Multi-language support for presentation website and notifications system.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Google maps API for geolocation.


Post Requests

  •    Customizable request form
  •    Request geolocation with Google Maps
  •    Attachments (pdf, jpg and jpeg upload)
  •    Built in social controls for sharing request on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  •    Request management (edit, withdraw) and archive in user dashboard
  •    Admin interface for request moderation

Custom Provider Profile

  •    User profile picture & description
  •    Links to additional user web profiles
  •    Services listing & description
  •    Reviews and recommendations (including review request via email to third parties)
  •    Ratings display (thumbs or grades)
  •    Individual templates for customizing user profiles

Bidding System

  •    Customizable offer form
  •    Attachments (pdf, jpg and jpeg upload)
  •    Offer management (edit, withdraw) for provider
  •    Centralized offers display and management (accept, reject) for requester
  •    Offers archive in user dashboard

Flexible Matching

  •    Customizable matching system, based on geolocation and / or other metadata
  •    Sorting and filtering of requests on the presentation site
  •    Infinite scroll for paginating results
  •    Possibility to implement with “middleman” (matching confirmed by human operator)

Bookmark, Comment, Rate and Review

  •    Bookmark request and / or offer
  •    Comment on request and / or offers
  •    Custom visibility based on roles
  •    Make comments thread public support
  •    Review user following collaboration (rating and free text review)
  •    Ask for on-platform review from third parties via email

Dedicated administration web interface

  •    Content moderation
  •    User management
  •    “Middleman” matching
  •    Statistics & reports
  •    User support (integration with Jira)

Mobile apps for Android and iOS

  •    Native mobile apps for Android and iOS
  •    Push notifications system

And much more

Content pages

  •    Unlimited number of content pages
  •    Hierarchical & modular design
  •    Pages organization (tabs, infinite scroll etc.)
  •    Custom URL support

SEO & Analytics

  •    On-page search engine optimizations
  •    Google Analytics, Heap, Facebook Pixel
  •    Proprietary analytics implementation
  •    Built-in monitoring system

Notifications & e-mail

  •    Custom e-mail design
  •    Custom e-mail content
  •    Web application notifications support
  •    Push notifications for mobile apps

Image and file storage

  •    File upload by users and admin
  •    High resolution storage
  •    jpg, jpeg, png and pdf support

OAuth providers

  •    Facebook login
  •    Google+ login


If your project consists of a marketplace where a new brand has to be developed, we can assist with brand development services, including naming, logo design, positioning and copywriting.

If your project implies further extension or customization of the existing functionality, we can support with user experience and user interface design, focused on building a truly user-centric marketplace.

We cover the complete development and testing of the new application, including requirements gathering, platform customization, testing and deployment.

Acquiring users and traction for your marketplace can be the most difficult part of the business you have in mind. We can assist with user acquisition and growth tactics to facilitate an early adoption and leverage momentum, as well as continued growth.

Your marketplace needs all the attention it can get! Whether PR, social media or content marketing, we can assist with suitable approach and services.


On-demand marketplace for local services that range from home repairs and cleaning, to child and elderly care, pet care, errands or lifestyle.

On-demand marketplace for real estate that matches real estate buyers or renters based on their search criteria to suitable real estate properties.

On-demand marketplace for professional services in the areas of home maintenance and improvement.

About us

MAT framework is built by Fortech, a software company based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Some key facts about Fortech:

  •    10 years of IT outsourcing experience;
  •    More than 100 customer relations built so far (e.g. T-Systems, Symantec, Swisscom, Vienna eMarketing Center-Pfizer, Renault Technocenter);
  •    More than 500 software development and quality assurance engineers;
  •    Repeated ranking in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA (2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014).

You can rely on us for full lifecycle support in order to bring to life your marketplace project, from conception, to implementation and growth.

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For further information on the framework, collaboration model or pricing, please send us an inquiry and we will get in touch.